Development of a corporate plan

The client

A leading NSW government cultural agency.


Following the Review of the agency undertaken by Fyusion, Fyusion was engaged to support the client in the development of a Corporate Plan which set out the new vision for the organisation and mapped the way forward.

Tasks undertaken

Fyusion designed and delivered this project in three stages:

Stage 1: Corporate planning workshops with the Commissioners and Executive Team.

-   In consultation with the Project Sponsor, Commissioners and Change Team, Fyusion developed a structure and content outline for the Corporate Plan

-   Fyusion designed and facilitated two workshops to develop content for the Plan, including:

  • An updated vision for the organisation;

  • Agreed strategic priorities, based on the data collected in the previous stages of the project; and

  • Action plans to support the implementation of the strategic priorities.

Stage 2: Development of the Corporate Plan.

-   Fyusion developed a draft Corporate Plan which included:

  • The organisational vision and key priority areas;

  • Measures of success, including linkages to key State Government plans such as NSW 2021;

  • An overview of the structure and governance; and

  • Strategies and actions to implement the vision.

Stage 3: Presentation of the Corporate Plan to stakeholders.

  • Fyusion developed a draft presentation to support the CEO in presenting the new vision and Corporate Plan to key stakeholders.

  • Fyusion consultants discussed the draft presentation with the Project Sponsor and Change Team.

  • Fyusion incorporated feedback and developed the final presentation.


With support from Fyusion through all stages of the process, the organisation was able to finalise and release its Corporate Plan within a short and strict timeframe.